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Even in my computer's keyboard happens :/

I really like it but there are a lot of things that you have to check up. One is when the misile in flying and the camera "turns around", the lines in the air still going (all the time) in the same direction. Keep on working those details.

It was pretty good, but I heard something like a hit in a mycrophone D:

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An amazing trilogy but now I think that I won't can sleep tonight.

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I will start sayin' that Felicity really scares me out. An awsome game, now I'm gonna play the next part.

I found them all thanks to the review of the user SwallowtheSun, he wrote:
<< Definitely a new fan of your series! Can't wait for the next. By the by for anyone looking for the pages, they are as follows:
1.Mandatory, libary
2. Battery room, bottom of bookcase
3. Talk to the traveler, ask "Who are 'They'" when option pops up.
4. Grate next to the Traveler's.
5. Fireplace in the Elk room
6. Classroom, middle desk, left leg
7. From the door with the crank, 3 screens in bottom left
8. Toy room, very top of the left box
9. Path to scarecrow on the left
10. Screen before mill in the tree
11. Path to well on the left
12. Wrench room top of the box on the left (careful not to click back out)
13. Mill to the right of the valve
14. Screen after mill, Left center
15. Fountain, right. >>

Thanks dude.

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Funny, challenging and love sound effects, but all those bugs are annoying, need to be fixed. Even yet still being a good job.

RyThom responds:

Thank you!! Give the recent update a shot - I think it will address most of the bugs :)

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My 5 stars and my respect.

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By this way it could have be easier beat the gods ;)

Fuck Krinkels and his Madness, now I want to be like you

Pennis (and dicks), dirt, shit, bricks, human hearts, flavored wood and tuna in the same corridor...
Damn dude, you got a great job here, I just love your style and the rapist in the grocery store is a great, funny and kind of scaring concept. Congrants for your job and thanks for this awsome piece, I will have some nightmares with this draw.
Saludos desde Mexico (Greeting from Mexico)

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